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In many complex simulations computing power is still a limiting factor. Most companies can not afford a large computer. In our opinion, this problem can be solved by utilizing virtual machines with preinstalled simulation software directly in the cloud. It is now possible to rent powerful workstations or entire computing cluster with ANSYS at a very reasonable price. The investment and maintenance costs of an expensive infrastructure can be now completely eliminated. 

Together with Microsoft and CADFEM GmbH and Microsoft Switzerland we are happy to offer a new product that will reduce your simulation costs.


ANSYS INSTANT is a service that allows to access a powerful virtual maschine (VM) with ANSYS version of your choice already preinstalled and preconfigured. 

No investment.  
No Administration.  
No Installation.

You pay only for the effective usage. 

Total price of INSTANT ANSYS is composed of a price for eCADFEM licenses and Azure Services with an extra add-on for configuration and installation. 

Our Offer

- Virtual Machine with up to 32 cores and 500 GB RAM in Microsoft Azure
- VM can be accessed with Remote Desktop Connection
- Redundant and highly available Azure Storage of your choice
- Virtual Network (optional)
- On-Demand ANSYS Licensing in eCADFEM Model
- Email Support

Terms & Conditions

ANSYS INSTANT service provides access to the VM with ANSYS version of your choice. Also access to redundant Azure Storage included. In particular :

  • Right to use the service is guaranteed after paying a one-time installation fee of 500 CHF.
  • Installation support is included. Additional Email Support during normal working hours is optional and costs 100 CHF per month.
  • No refunds for installation fees and consumption prices are made.
  • We reserve the right to make price modification also during the present consumption and maintenance
  • We reserve the right to make mistakes and modifications
  • Terms and conditions of eCADFEM and Microsoft apply.


Pricing example for ANSYS INSTANT with preconfigured and preinstalled virtual machines: 

  • A10 with 8 cores Intel Xeon E5 CPU and 56GB RAM, 382 GB HDD, price: 1.6 CHF/h
  • A11 with 16 cores Intel Xeon E5 CPU and 112 GB RAM, 382 GB HDD, price: 3.2 CHF/h
  • 1 GB locally redundant storage: 0.11 CHF / month
  • 1 GB globally redundant storage: 0.14 CHF / month
  • Other minor costs for inbound traffic to Azure Services, VPN, etc. may apply ​

Usage Scenario:
The customer would like to rent one A10 machine with ANSYS CFD on 8 cores for 10 hours. He would like also to use persistent storage to store 100 GB of simulation results and order one month of technical support.

Service  Consumption Price  One-Time Fee 
 ANSYS HPC Pack  100 CHF  
 A10 Virtual Machine  16 CHF  
 100 GB Storage  14 CHF / month  
 Sub-Total  330 CHF  
 Installation Fee    500 CHF
 Support  100 CHF  
 Sub-Total  600 CHF  
 Total  930 CHF   

Note: In the consequent orders the installation fee will not apply. Next 10h will cost 430 CHF with support and 330 CHF without support.

 eCADFEM Price List

ANSYS Multiphysics   CHF 20.00/h
ANSYS Mechanical    CHF 16.00/h
ANSYS CFD                 CHF 20.00/h
ANSYS HPC                 CHF 2.50/h/core

For full price list, please see the official price list.

In collaboration with:


PETSc for Windows


The Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computing (PETSc) from Argonne National Laboratory is a well known tool for parallel linear algebra. It contains classes for distributed vectors and matrices and a large number of algorithms for eigenvalues, singular value decomposition, and solving linear systems of equations. The PETSc library has been used in numerous research and software projects.


The installation of PETSc on a Windows computer can be somewhat challenging. This is particularly true if one wants to use an optimized version with external BLAS libraries.


We have produced a fast version of PETSc on Windows, using the Intel Compilers (C and Fortran) and the INTEL MKL BLAS library. In addition, we have written a easy-to-use Windows installer for the library. The installer installs PETSc and makes it available as a project type in Visual Studio 2010 and 2012. By installing PETSc for Windows, you can immediately get started with parallel programming.


The software is available from us free of charge. We would like to test the installer a bit more before we put a download link on the website. If you send us an e-mail, we will give you access to the software and send you installation instructions.

PETSc build: 3.5.2

Additional included external packages: HYPRE, METIS, PerMETIS and ScaLAPACK.



Deployment framework for Windows Azure


SimplyHPC is a set of PowerShell scripts that simplify a submission of an application directly to the Windows Azure in a simple way. The platform integrates Azure specific HPC libraries with PowerShell commandlets to ease the submission process while keeping the desired command line environment.

- Ability to deploy necessary number of virtual machines dynamically.
- Automated submission of the packed application together with input and configuration files.

- Automated execution of the simulation and, once the results are ready, automated download to the local machine and stopping the virtual machines. 


In contrary to HPC Pack from Microsoft, all unnecessary system components and services have been omitted. As a result the

time needed to deploy the cluster has been reduced from nearly an hour to couple of minutes. 



Fig. Deployment times of 8, 4, 2 and 1 nodes using SimplyHPC (left) and HPC Pack (right) in hh:mm:ss format.

You can download the software at GitHub.